Album Release: Mon 22 Feb 1993


1st full-length album. Recorded in three weeks.

In early 1992, their first song was 'Creep', which was initially unsuccessful.


Later that year, they released the Drill EP, which contained 'You', 'Pop Is Dead', 'Anyone Can Play Guitar', and 'Stupid Car'.

It was not particularly well received in the UK, though fared better in the US thanks to the success of single 'Creep'.
'Creep' was later frown upon by the band and some fans because many considered them to be a one-hit wonder.
People expected everything Radiohead made to better than or equal to 'Creep'.


By the time The Bends was released in 1995, Radiohead had achieved a breakthrough in America and were gaining some positive critical momentum in their home country, albeit as 'outsiders' in a Britpop dominated music environment.

Before they were known as Radiohead, On A Friday were formed in 1986 by five lads who went to the same school in Oxfordshire:


• Thom Yorke (vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, electronics)
• Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, ondes martenot, keyboards, electronics, Sound effects)
• Ed O'Brien (guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, sound effects)
• Colin Greenwood (bass, synthesizers, electronics)
• Phil Selway (drums, percussion, Backing Vocals)


Even though they all went away to University, they continued to play live gigs during the holidays and at weekends, and recorded a few demos.


Their continuing efforts to increase their profile finally paid off when they secured a six album deal in 1991. At the request of their record company, they changed their name from On A Friday to Radiohead.