First played live 27 Feb 2012.


Radiohead kicked off their American arena tour with a stop at Miami's American Airlines Arena. During a 24-song set, they took the opportunity to debut a couple of new songs, 'Identikit' and 'Cut A Hole'.


They also played the Airbag EP's 'Meeting In The Aisle' live for the first time ever, and Thom Yorke wore a ponytail.


Identikit: A picture of a person, reconstructed from strips showing facial features selected to match witnesses' descriptions; used by the police to build a likeness of a person sought for a crime. This


This track explores the feelings of breaking people’s hearts and ‘making it rain’, meaning that this action makes the other partner in the situation sob/cry and become depressed that their love was never meant to be. No doubt the name of the song is referring to how we 'reconstruct' people in our minds and become bitter and resentful towards them.