A favourite of Thom's, he expected it to appear on OK Computer, but the band decided not to include it.

The song has been played on a few occasions on the OK Computer tour, often as a powerful encore with just his voice and an acoustic guitar.

If the future of funerals has a sound, this is it. In its organ driven glory, Motion Picture Soundtrack is actually one of the more put together songs and optimistic songs on the album, despite the grim lyrical matter.

The song has quite an ethereal, heavenly feel about it, given by the choir and the cascading harp at the end. The final line, 'I will see you in the next life', seems to agree with the 'heavenly' part.

An early version of the song includes another final verse and then the chorus:
Beautiful angel
Pulled apart at birth
Limbless and helpless
I can't even recognise you