This track was Radiohead's first single release in over three years, after none were taken from their previous album Kid A.

'Pyramid Song' was issued in most parts of the world, except the United States (where 'I Might Be Wrong' was the first, radio-only single).

The UK public responded well, and the song peaked at #5; it was also named NME's single of the week. The song made #21 on the Dutch Top 40. The band performed the song on Top of the Pops in May 2001.

A favourite among fans despite a lack of wide-scale radio play, it continues to be performed at Radiohead's live concerts.

The band themselves consider it a high point of their career. According to guitarist Ed O'Brien, upon hearing an early version of the recording, singer Thom Yorke declared it 'the best thing we've committed to tape, ever'.

The song ranked #94 on Rolling Stone's 100 best songs of the decade.