This version was included on the Drill EP, but for Pablo Honey, the song was re-recorded and some of the lyrics changed.

Performed live, the song is an excellent showcase for Thom's incredible vocal abilities; he holds one note throughout the guitar solo.

It has been rumoured that the lyrics are actually directed at criticizing 'record labels', which would be a very brave meaning for their first ever released album track, although i'm sure the label were unaware.

You have to sign your life away to them for many years 'I could never run away from you'.

What other choice is there? Record Labels are 'the sun, the moon, the stars'.

Once signed, bands are often dictated to, and don't have much of a say,'why should I believe myself', create X amount of albums, tour till you drop, and create music in the style the label want you to, which can cut short careers 'the world is going to end so soon'.

Luckily, they managed to make music their way, but many bands are manipulated to produce popular chart music and has a short shelf life, and end up 'drowning, caught in the fire'.